Phonics to Go: FruitPhonic Downloads

All the world is a stage, an adventure playground of text - support children's adventure with Phonemes to Go.

Forty four Phonemes, some additional sounds and the magic one hundred words - that's all it takes to launch a child into a life of literacy.

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Some FruitPhonic Downloads

To have access to FruitPhonic animations wherever you need them we recommend that you:

  1. save these files to your hard drive.
  2. unzip the folder
  3. Transfer the individual .3gp file to you mobile device using a USB cable, bluetooth or other suitable technology.
  4. Use the FruitPhonics animations to encourage you child to sound out new letters and words. Enjoy participating in your child's exploration of the world and literacy development.

Mobile Phones .3gp format:

(For Screen Resolution 176x144 pixels)

  • FruitPhonics Examples 1

    Included animations:

    • 'S' as in 'sit'
    • 'Slip Slide'
    • 's-stop running'
    • 't' as in 'tennis'
    • 'toes and ten fingers'
    • 'toes to nose'
    • 'i' as in 'ink'
    • 'wink to ink'
    • 'Indian Dance'
    • 'Blend s_i_t'
    • 'Blend s_t'