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FruitPhonics makes learning to read fun an adventure. Using online video, mobile devices and our interactive 3D animation platform, we are developing Fruitphonics into a unique early learning experience for children and their parents.

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Why FruitPhonics?
'Tennis Lesson'
If we want our children to inherit the future, we had better begin to learn and understand their language today.

Literacy, being able to read and write, is the bedrock of education. All intellectual and emotional development is dependent upon learning to read and write.

Welcome to education in their world - FruitPhonics provides teachers and parents with learning materials that excite and motivate children using the type of interactive entertainment technologies and content they enjoy so much.

With Phonics based literacy methods, children can quickly learn to read and write. FruitPhonics is designed to excite, engage and amuse children while providing teachers and parents with accessible, effective tools for to support children's literacy development.

Learn to read with just 44 Phonemes and 100 Words.
Effective Learning
Confused Strawberry
Phonics based literacy schemes have proved to be the most effective method of early literacy education for the majority of children.

By creatively harnessing 3D character animation and new media technologies, we are designing powerful new learning materials that support the conceptual and psychological development of children's early literacy education.

Phonemes to Go
Phoneme 's' to go
Children's enthusiasm and energy cannot be strictly timetabled. Learning to read is life, so get mobile.

As your children develop their phonics skills, their world becomes a phoneme filled learning space. Through phonics, children discover and engage with an immersive new world of text.

Learning to read should be both fun and effective. Children are fascinated by sensations - sights, sounds, touch taste and smell. With FruitPhonics character animations and your phone or portable device, even the simplest trip can become a phonics adventure. In the cinema, the zoo, signs in the playground, in supermarkets, the doctors surgery or the dentists chair (uugh) they're immersed in a world of text.

FruitPhonics, with the help of a few phonemes to go, turns their world into a vast, noisy, smelly and tasty laboratory of the sounds and symbols that make words.

Phonemes to Go.  Phonics on the move.  Download free animations.