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We thought that, unlike your children, you Crinkleys may need a little help to understand what this phonics lark is all about. So we've put a few documents together to help you to support your children in making the best start possible to their lifetime of literacy.

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  • FruitPhonics - A Primer for Parents


    Phonics for starters

    Learn the basics about your childrens phonic learning


  • FruitPhonics - A Primer for Parents 2

    The Forty Four Phonemes

    The Forty Four Phonemes - Sounds of a literacy foundation

    Understanding the phonetic alphabet and why it is the key to your childs access to literacy.


  • FruitPhonics - A Primer for Parents 3

    One Hundred Words

    The Magic One Hundred

    Understanding the one hundred most frequently used words in the English language and why they offer you child access to all books.


  • Get Mobile: FruitPhonics to Go

    'S' on the move

    FruitPhonic Fun on the road, in the restaurant, at the park...

    Childrens energy, concentration and enthusiasm cannot be timetabled. When they're motivated, the world is their classroom and you are their mentor. Extend their world with FruitPhonics to Go....


  • Why FruitPhonics

    Apple and Pear sliding posers

    Take a Journey into their world

    Phonics is a very efficent method of literacy and language tuition, but that is only the beginning. FruitPhonics is a project that combines the best in learning strategies with the kind of media and technology that defines childrens experience of information. Even at such a young age, the tuning of young minds is well developed. We can help them excel only if our tuition is stimulating and productive. It must resonate...


  • FruitPhonics is effective learning.

    'a' jumps for joy

    There's music in those letters, words and sentences, and it works.

    Of the range of literacy tuition methods, phonics based systems has proved to be the most effective. Unfortunately we need to get past the family squabbles to understand what in the blah blah blah they all mean by 'phonics.' Despite the differences. Our learning materials are consistent with a wide range of phonic based learning schemes.